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changed. khrushchev came to united states, and nikita khrushchev was my father and i am sergei khrushchev. and many interesting things there. political discussion. it was very serious talk, but also many funny things. and peter found all those funny things that he pulled them together in this book, showing how we can present the political person in the contemporary way you.and i'm trying to think at t time what i feel. and i was with my father on this trip. and for us, it was like -- for the christopher columbus discovery of america. and we discovered america for ourselves. we knew about america, but what we knew, america very different. we knew something that we learn from the 19th century america. and then this new world and we tried to find out how books, i found this book very interesting, but i just wanted detail of this book of the story, but from that aside, my first wish, was what you wrote this book. 50 years ago, visit from one leader of one country to the united states. i think there may be other leaders came here. sometimes khrushchev was eccentric. and president yeltsin was m
been set aside from the budget to finance a high- speed rail projects throughout the united states. our next guest studies that as far as the rails concerned and what it does for job creation. his with the american transportation association and we will have that topic after this. >> american judge can be enclosed for spreading good will overseas debts >> i think so. over there, it is like a religion. they go over there and they live it. >> he was without question, the single most important figure in just in the 20th-century. >> q a date sunday on his biography on louis armstrong. >> to night, the history of executive power from george washington to george w. bush. this is part of our book tv weekend, on c-span 2. >> listen to cspan radio in washington at 90.1 fm. it is also if reapplication for your iphone. >> "washington journal" continues. host: our guest is the vice president for policy at the american transportation society. what does your association do text guest: they are at association of all the public transportation systems in the country and affiliated interests going back t
blames the united states and israel for the assassination of one of its nuclear scientists. the bomb attack now ratcheting up tensions and iran's nuclear standoff with the west. i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's command center, for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> all that coming up, but this just coming into "the situation room." a new breach of airline security, this time it's a potential health threat, not a terror threat. u.s. airways now confirms a person on the cdc's do not board list flew from philadelphia to san francisco on saturday. let's go to our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. what happened here? >> someone somewhere along the way dropped the ball. the way it words is the centers for disease control has a list of people who they think are basically a threat to public health, shouldn't be on a plane. this person was apparently on that list, the cdc gives the list to the tsa. the tsa is supposed to give that list to individual airlines, but something went wrong here. i find this next part a b
about the situation in uganda. will you please talk to us a little bit more about how the united states can protect the rights of lgbt people in those areas where their rights are not respected? >> yes. first, let me say that, over this past year, we have elevated into our human rights dialogue and a public statements a very clear message about protecting the rights of the lgbt community worldwide. we are particularly concerned about some of the specific cases that have come to our attention around the world. there have been no organized efforts to kill and maim gays and lesbians in some countries that we have spoken out about and also conveyed are very strong concerns about to their governments, not that they were governmentally implemented or even that the government was aware of them, but that the government's need to pay much greater attention to the kinds of abuses we have seen in iraq, for example. we're deeply concerned about some of the stories coming out of iran. in large measure and reaction, we think, in response to the elections back in june, there have been abuses committed
and ally to united states and the partnership between our countries is -- a new beginning, based on mutual respect and mutual interest that the president called for in cairo. we will discuss how to deepen and broaden our partnership. among the matters that we consulted on -- the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen? assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combating al qaeda? the instability in yemen is a threat to regional and global stability. and we are working with qatar and others to think of the best way forward to duck -- to try to deal with the security concerns. certainly, we know that this is a difficult set of challenges but they have to be addressed. i also thank the prime minister for their efforts to facilitate an end to the crisis in darfur and to promote security and stability in the broader middle east as well as africa. we both have a shared, mutual interest in moving towards a comprehensive peace between israelis and palestinians. we share the goal of an amendment -- an independent and viab
. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent rescue of those trapped beneath the rubble, to deliver humanitarian relief, food, water and medicine haitians will need in the coming days. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is returning to washington to continue her relief effort. the agencies is headed by a fella named rajiv shah. let's go to the head of salvation army who is joining us by skype. i've been in touch to you tonight so far, bob. give us a sense of being there in haiti, in the capital city, in the midst of all of that hell tonight. >> well, it's a very ominous place to be, to be honest with you. storm clouds just rolled in a little while ago. it's keeping us on our edge and it's a fairly nervous place to be tonight. >> have the relief efforts arrived at all? >> we are on the edge of that. we would know. we have team and supplies arriving tomorrow. that will help us to begin the distribution of resources to the haitian people. >> again, i asked you about this a couple of hours ago. i think everyone needs to know how bad the plight is in ha
the united states is with regard to health care costs. you might think we spend a lot because we are rich. that is not the case at all. on the vertical asked -- access, we have how much we spend per person. and then on the vertical ac xes we have a much the country spends -- how rich the country is. the u.s. spends about twice as much per person as other countries do on health care. we are 56% higher than the swiss. why are costs high are here? this is what i will be focusing on. there are economic, political, historical ones. i have come up with a list of four reasons why i think health care costs are higher in the united states than elsewhere. a lack of consolidation of purchasing power, medical technology and specialization, paying for unnecessary care and fee-for-service medicine. i am only going to talk about the first one of these. i will leave the others at the end because john skinner will talk about the other three in his talk. to understand lack of consolidation, take a counter example which would be canada. canada has a single payer system. there is only one buyer of care in ca
are not grounded in prejudice and at the time the republican president of the united states said the senator should go as well. >> shannon: the democrats say there is no way you could probably compare the two situations. here is what robert gibbs said about trying to equate reid's remarks to lotts. >> i would suggest they spend about 20 seconds reading a little history and figuring out that to draw that analogy strains any intellectual enterprise. >> shannon: from the other side of the aisle we have texas senator john cornen who said it is difficult to see the situation as anything other than a clear double standard on the part of senate democrats and others. democrats expressed outrage at senator lott and called on him to step down as leader. the same standard should be applied to senator reid and his embarrassing and racially insensitive statements. >> shepard: shannon, good to see you, thank you. >>> the fort hood incident. before it they questioned his confidence and behavior and questioned his highwayialty to our nation. but military doctors still gave positive evaluations of dr. nadalp.hasan.
condemnation not for dictators but for the united states and. it was a clear attempt to try to discredit this organization. i have followed washington politics long enough to know that when top officials attack you instead of ignoring you it is because they are scared of you. the white house's attack on the group's credibility for me at that time was a clear affirmation of amnesty international integrity and power. we are talking about look bush administration but it is important to note that president obama signed the national defense authorization act that endorses another attempt by the u.s. government to conduct military commission trial. amnesty international and irene khan are once again pushing and changing the way we see human rights. in a new campaign called demand dignity amnesty international is seeking to leave poverty caused to human-rights. irene khan argues that party remains a global epidemic because it continues to be defined as an economic problem that should be addressed in foreign aid and investment. in her new book "the unheard truth: poverty and human rights," she s
by terrorists against the united states. it disturbs me a little when i think that we are too eager to say there's no longer a war on terror because we're no longer at war with terrorists. i believe we are at war with terrorists. i believe they continue to declare war against us and continue to train for it. they continue to implement terrorist schemes, whether it be in the middle east or attempt to carry the schemes out in the united states. i think we should understand that. if we do, we maximize the effort we put into intelligence and gathering information that can disrupt them and we adopt policies that don't assist them, don't expose what we know to them, because every time we increase what we share with the terrorists through our information that we hand out in the world generally, it makes the terrorists a bit more capable. >> neil: we are learning, general, speaking to you at the detroit metro airport, authorities are questioning three to five passengers from saudi arabia about this incident. there's a connection beyond what we fear and again, on a flight coming from abroad here, what do
people flying into the united states will face tough new security measures. the tsa saying enhanced screening will focus on people flying through countries of interest such as yemen, pakistan and nigeria. the enhanced techniques include full-body patdowns, body scans and thorough searches of carry-on luggage. >>> 2010, as we were saying, good morning to you earlier, it has turned out already fairly deadly for the united states and its allies in afghanistan. nato saying four u.s. service members died in a roadside bomb yesterday. a british soldier was killed in a separate explosion. last year was the bloodiest for coalition forces since the war in afghanistan started. 514 service members died. united states has started deploying 30,000 more troops to fight the taliban. >>> look at this image that we found hanging off a building in former president jimmy carter's hometown of plains, georgia. witnesses told affiliate walb it's an effigy of president obama with a rope around its neck. and one person says it had a sign with the president's name on it. the secret service is now investigat
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
, salute them at >>> haitian immigrants are allowed in the united states to get medicare. ordinarily there's a lot of paperwork and delay involved. some of that is set aside after the earthquake in haiti t. rule change is temporary to make sure there's medical care for orphans in the pipeline to be adopted. >>> an iowa couple trying to adopt two haitian orphans saw one alive on tv. they spent the last two years going through the adoption red tape. >> beautiful. praise god. praise god. >> now, the couple just learned they can get one child this week. they are applying for a humanitarian visa to bring the second child here. >>> a grot broken through a strip club. a goat. >> myself on the surveillance tapes, i wouldn't have believed it, either. >> the goat spent 30 minutes staring at one thing inside the strip club. that story is new for you this hour. >> you dirty goat, you. >>> more money has been raised for the victims of haiti's earthquake than in the wake of hurricane katrina. jennifer westhoven is here now. i think a lot of it has to do with the ease of the texting giv
of more attacks on the united states and praises suspected terrorist u man farouk abdulmutallab, calling him, quote, a hero fighter. the white house says it cannot confirm as of yet the awe thoantivity of this tape we will be live at the white house with the latest. good morning, molly. >> reporter: the tape is not authenticated but officials tell us there's never been a fake tape from the terrorist leader, a u.s. official tells us that osama bin laden appears to be trying to attach himself to the underwear bombing operation, calling suspect u man farouk abdulmutallab a hero. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula took responsibility for that bombing on christmas day, but the intelligence community doesn't think that the central al-qaeda group necessarily gives orders to al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that they may have shared ideology but they don't necessarily cooperate tactically. now, in the tape, bin laden also says that america can never dream of living in peace unless there is peace in palestine. >> it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly.
heard screaming for help across the region. haiti's ambassador to the united states told katie couric on evening news tonight that the damage is significant and that haiti the world's most impoverished needs the world's help. a tsunami watch is in effect right now for haiti, cuba, the bahamas and the dominican republic. most communications are down but first-hand reports are hard to come by. that said, we have been able to get in touch with joel trimble, a missionary in the town of thomason in haiti. can you describe the scene for us, sir. >> in is the worst decimation i have ever seen. i have never seen anything in haiti in the 34 years i have been here to this effect. the house i'm in on the mott rocked. i thought it was going to fall over. the vehicle in the driveway was rocking like there was five guys trying to push it over and now there is a cloud of dust over the city of port-au-prince. >> shepard: you went out on a motorcycle after the initial quake. there have been a number of aftershocks to follow, but you went out on a motorcycle. tell us what you saw, place to place? >> lo
. -- port-au-prince. and early today, the united states ambassador ken merton and the secretary-general in haiti signed a statement of principles on field coordination between the u.s. in haiti. the u.s. government has the haitian earthquake response continues. the statement re reaffirms the primary responsibility of he before the response but notes the scale of the disaster and the urgency of the humanitarian relief requires a comprehensive and coordinated international response. the un is coordinating the international response consistent with its mandate as established by the united nations security council and the united states will continue to assist the people and government of haiti in every way that we can. ambassador kenneth martin for the united states and edward mulet. >> who from the haitian government signed that? >> it was a statement of principles between the haitians and the u.s. government on how we will cooperate on the ground in haiti. >> is there a country? >> i said it. >> is there an official? >> no. >> why do you need such an agreement between the u.s. gov
, and politics here in the united states. let's begin our coverage with dana bash. lots of emotion on this issue. >> that's right. the immediate question was, will senator reid step down, making calls, first of all, he said he won't, and making calls to democrats around town, especially in the senate. it seems as though there's no movement for him to do that, but reid, look, he's not a leader who is known as an orator, he's known for back-room dealing, and he has a big reservoir of support among senate democrats, but his advisers are still worried, they tell me, about the political fallout from this. that is why today he came out again for damage control. at home in nevada, harry reid's clean-energy event turned into an attempt to clean up a political event. >> i've apologized to the president, i've apologized to everyone within the sound of my voice that i could have used a better choice of words. >> those words reported in the new book "game change" saying then senator obama could get elented president, because -- reid tried to put his own explosive quotes in context, recounting his early priv
in making the decides united states and in fact the world safer. >> guest: the president since he came to office has been trying to sound that theme. he traveled overseas, trying to, at least, at least make, make the words that come out of the president be about more cooperation and so on. and i think he is going to try to incorporate this theme, which is, you know, the concern about terrorism and, perhaps something that, has been gone into the background, under his presidency, until now. he is going to try to merge those two things and you will probably hear him talk about cooperation overseas to help make everybody safe. >> host: let's go to the phones. our first call comes from jacksonville, florida. william on our line for independents. good morning. >> caller: good morning, sir. good to see you. i like you. you're pretty informative. hello? >> host: go ahead, william. >> caller: yes, sir. how do we fight an enemy that don't wear no uniform, number one, the terrorists? that is the crazy thing i ever see. can nobody speak the language over there? can nobody go to yemen or afghanista
created by the workers and laborers. my name is ray and i will attempt to run for united states congress in georgia. host: what district? caller: well, it will be statewide. in 1994 i ran in the first district. host: "the wall street journal ," it back to the lead article. morristown, new jersey, the republican line. caller: my wife worked in wall street for years. one of the things i find very interesting about -- everybody's basic comments about the bonuses is, while the ceo's may make a fair amount of money in bonuses and compensation, the reality is that the common people who work for these companies do not make this kind of money and as one of the previous callers indicated, it tends to be you rely on your bonus in order to get you through the year. we've made very little money back then and when you live in a metropolitan area like new york or even washington on los angeles, every little bit makes a big difference. people ae not making huge amounts of money. just enough basically to pay the bills and get by. you get to the center of the country, where a lot of irate people are cal
and cannot fly into the united states. since the detroit attack, the white house has ordered a review. sources say the national counterterrorism center has now sent hundreds of new names to the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. has upgraded hundreds of names from the master watch list to the selectee category. but for intelligence officials, it's a daunting challenge, trying to identify the true terrorists among a mass of suspects. >> there isn't a magic formula or a magic google program that will spew out a defined list of bad people. there has to be a human component here, and there's judgment at play and that judgment can be faulty. and we saw that in this recent case of abdulmutallab. >> reporter: now, officials say no watch list is perfect, but as a first line of defense, it has to be better than it was on christmas day. katie? >> couric: bob orr in washington. thanks, bob. turning to the economy now, the experts had been hoping, even expecting, that the latest jobs report today would show at least some improvement. but it didn't. the labor department said the unemployment rate held at 10% i
but for the united states. it was a clear attempt to try -- officials attack you instead ignore you it is because they are scared of you. the white house attack on the group's credibility for me at that time was a clear affirmation of amnesty international's integrity and power. now, we are talking about the bush administration but it's important to note that this past wednesday president barack obama signed the national defense authorization act that in forces yet another attempt to conduct a commission trials. amnesty international and irene are once again pushing and changing the way that we see human rights. in a new campaign called demand dignity amnesty international is seeking to make poverty to human rights. irene argues that the poverty remains a global epidemic because it continues to be defined as an economic problem or and the aid and investment. why it's called the unheard truth poverty and human rights she says in powering the poor with basic rights for security and food and even health care as our only chance of a eradicating poverty. before joining the amnesty international, she s
it. haiti has a track record of a money pit. the united states spent a lot of money there, $5 billion on aid there. the money hasn't always gone where it's supposed to. >> i think it's no secret u.s. aid as well as from other donors has been a failure in haiti. there have been areas of success such as reducing the hiv infection rate. all the other metrics by which you measure aids success, sustainability, impablgt, effects on economic development, human development, it's been a disaster. >> a lot of the problems may stem from haiti's government. it's been incapable and unstable as well. >> we are hearing one of haiti's former presidents wants to come back to help. >> yes. he says he wants to return from south africa. he was haiti's first ever democratically elected president in 1990. he was ousted in 1991 and again in 2004. master minded assaults. haiti was ruled by dictators before that. the situation, not necessarily a stable government in recent years. >> it's had a troubled past. thanks so much. >>> as many as eight officers could be in trouble for the deadly attack on ft. hood. t
are killed or injured. they have no emergency services to rely on now. the united states is trying to help with civilian and military aid. they are also sending in rescue teams. >> the main thing that is are needed are search andres cue and immediate assistance for food and water for people trapped in buildings. the search andres cue is going to be a priority for the government and organizations in haiti. >> with so many of the phone and power lines down, we are getting word from your fellow viewers, i-reporters in haiti. jonathan works with a church group and here he is describing what he saw. >> three-story houses collapsed on to the one below it. i saw fences, block wall fences fallen on a motorcycle. one woman, i could only see her head, the rest of her body was trapped under the fence, under a block wall. she had, obviously, i think she was dead. she has blood coming out of her eyes, nose and ears. >> an american airlines flight from haiti to miami was boarding when the earthquake struck. some chose not to get on. the flight took off and landed safely. passengers say they weren't exac
targets in yemen but in the united states. we had information that this group was working with an individual who was known -- who we now know was in fact the individual involved in the christmas attack. the bottom line is this. the u.s. government had sufficient information to have uncovered the plot and potentially disrupt the christmas day attack. but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots which would have placed the suspect on the no-fly list. in other words, this was not a failure to collect intelligence. it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. the information was there, agencies and analyst who needed it had access to it, and our professionals were trained to look for it and bring it all together. now i'll accept that intelligence by its nature is imperfect, but it is increasingly clear that intelligence was not fully analyzed nor fully leveraged. Ă‘ithat is not acceptable and i will not tolerate it. time and again we have learned that quickly piecing together information and taking swift action is critical t
. >> thanks, mary. >> all right, mary. thank you. biggest business lobby in the united states today attacked the obama administration or nearly every business issue on its agenda and warned they will be out in force in the congressional elections. joining me now for a first on cnbc interview is tom donohue, chamber of commerce president. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. good to be here today. i want to jump in with the question that leaps out at me as you take apart a lot of government policy. is there anything that government does that you, at the chamber like, admire? >> absolutely. we appreciate their education program. we're working with them on the question of immigration. we supported their stimulus program. we helped them with the automobile business. we supported t.a.r.p. we're a supporter of many of the things they're doing to get out of this economic mess and our question is that we need to do two overriding things. one, create 20 million jobs in the next ten years and two, deal with uncertainty which is causing people in companies to wait and not hire. >> that principal uncerta
rrounding the case, a kind of tsle between iraq and the united states over who would try them. who did the ited states assure the iraqito get these meback to the united states? >> well, their governmen wasn't going to allow -- the united states govement was to the going to allow the men to be tried in ira i thk there was a feeling at that would have set a really dangerous pcedent fomilitary personnel and u.s. contractors workingn war zones. so the case s brought to washgton. it was kind of an precedented case bringing u.s. contractors to washington for a tri for a crime allegedly coited in a war zone. and baghd, people in iraq have reay wanted to know w is this going to play out. how is the u.s. dicial system going to hale this case? are we going to get stice? so judge ricardo you arebina led today. what did he say. he w the he sense the ruli and what reasons did he give for it? >> he threw out the tire case. he dmissed the indictment againsall five member. and the reason was he basically said that prosecutors ossed the line. and theyishandled eviden. whatappened is after the shooting
for confirmations and baptisms here in the united states and using the proceeds to help his parish back home. casey siegle has more. what does the catholic church have to say about all of this? >> this man has been characterized as a modern day robin hood. selling sacraments. that the mexican priests are coming into the united states and charging for certain services, baptisms and fast track confirmations. eonts there is no record of the sacrament when it's done in this rogue way. they are not done in the parish and sometimes they are not performed by authorized clergy and that can spell big problems down the line when you try to get your kid into catholic school. simply there is no records of even having these services performed. so a lot of issues. >> gregg: what do the mexican priests have to say for themselves? >> only one has been identified by the church. authorities are saying that a number of mexican priests come into the united states, not only california, but other border states, as well. a father of the tijuana diocese, he has been sort of the front page forerunner of this particular sto
on purpose. undercover. and you'll see that measures vary from airport to airport in the united states. >> and more of this interview next hour with our jeanne meserve. >>> pakistani intelligence officials now count five u.s. drone attacks over the last week. they're aimed at militants. the pace of the strikes has picked up considerably since a suicide bomber killed seven cia officers in afghanistan. pakistan says the latest drone attack killed at least 13 al qaeda or taliban. >>> the first portrait of princes william and harry together went on display at london's national gallery today. it shows the brothers in formal dress uniform in casual poses. the painting was done in five sittings by the artist nikki phillips. no matter how many layers you put on today, you'll probably need to double it by the weekend. intense wind and bitter windchills have everybody bundling up. we're back in a moment. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz?
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
. but overall, still tough in the united states and europe. and the same situation with the united technology, china's resumed growth in both businesses. developed world still weak. boeing, an impressive quarter. very solid commercial revenues. people like that and although early ork the outlook was viewed as a bit disappointing. traders turned that around fairly quickly. melissa, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. >>> and all of that, the dow and the s&p and the nasdaq all ended the day in positive territory. let's go to matt nesto. he's got some breaking news on qualcomm. matt, what do you. >> reporter: yeah the biggest company reporting in the after-hours about an $80 billion market cap and now 4%, 5% lower after coming in way first quarter earnings per share that was fine, 62 cents versus a 56 estimatep. revenue was light though. and that's beginning of the problems, folks. they reduced their second quarter and full-year estimates at $49 to $53 is what they see for the second quarter. that is at least four cents lower than a 57 estimate and their revenues look light as well in the
. but none of the largest deals that were done during that period in the united states have gone bankrupt. if you take the 20 largest deals done in a bubble period, so-called, none of them have filed for bankruptcy. some of them have problems, but actually, they're being re structured and i think many of them will get good returns for their invest everies. >> is 2010 the year that private equity can build up and roll them back out? >> you'll see a lot of ipos this year. but he'll see a lot of strategic sales, sales of company to strategic buyers because they're back in the market, as well. and financial buyers will buy things from other financial buyers. so i think you'll see a fair amount of buying activity this year. >> joe is in the studio and he has a question, too. >> i love the general fighting the last war, david. that's so apt. and i can mention about five really well known pundits that are fienting the last war. and none of them actually make investments or run private equity firms, which it's easy to be that way if you actually don't have to, you know, be involved in the economy
and daughters in the united states. the chinese government helps poor students who wish to study in the u.s. chinese students are the second largest group of foreign students nop in the united states, behind those from india. up 21% in the last year. but china wants to bring those students home again. according to ken lieberthal, head of the china center. >> they need scientists. they need people to understand complex systems, engineering and so forth. so they're encouraging students to go abroad where they get entry to major universities in the united states but to go back to china either directly from graduate school or after they worked in the u.s. they see this as a long-term investment to pay off handsomely. >> china's so-called thousand talents plan unveiled last year provides a generous relocation allowance and competitive salaries for researchers and educators to come back to china. until the last decade many students whoe came to the states did not want to go back to china, and now with china as a center of growth highly regarded professionals are considered a trip back to china.
there is someone more torn about this dilemma, and that is the president of the united states, who now realizes the reality of the situation. >> wasn't quite as torn during the campaign, was he? >> no. but he understand now. >> he understands now. it goes back to the conversation you had with a certain top official saying mike, if you knew what i knew every day, you wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. >> i was thinking about that the other day. the high-ranking guy, access to every security piece of paper that comes across the president's desk. he sees it beforehand, and i once asked him -- this is about a year and a half ago. and i said what's it like? you get up at 4:00 in the morning and you look at the intel reports. and if you look at what we see what the president sees, you probably wouldn't want to get out of bed every day. >> and he grapples with this and what our country is about. and it's the same issue with torture. they are very hard decisions. at the same time, what are we going to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now if we let this unravel. i agree it's very difficult. >> what
the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace dodd? and what does it mean for the president's agenda? >> reporter: that's a good question. when it comes to connecticut, you would think that this would be a bad sign for democrats. but actually, because senator dodd
action if necessary to protect the united states >> tony shaffer, center for advanced studies, good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you. jane: this is new information courtesy of the associated press, in the bake of -- wake of democratic leader harry reid's comment about barack obama when he was president, eric holder, the nation's first black attorney general is weighing into this debate, joining in the defense of the senate majority leader, saying there is, quote, a prejudice bone in his body, republicans say reid should step down from the post, they say there's a double standard here. a debate, fair an balanced, coming your way, next. jane: democrats defend senator majority leader harry reid for racial comments he made during the 2008 presidential contain date. we heard a couple of minutes ago from attorney general eric holder, he's told the ab that reid doesn't have a prejudice bone in his body, this stems from a book that came from the campaign that americans might vote for barack obama because he was a, quote, light-skinned african-american with no reg row dialect unless he
by the earthquake, they're beginning a new life in the united states. but back in haiti, many others are still desperate for a way out. and the changing economics of marriage. more men reaping the benefits of their wives' bigger paychecks. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. just a few short months ago, no one could have imagined it: the senate seat once held by john f. kennedy and then for decades by ted kennedy inn danger of going to a republican in the bluest of blue states. but that was the storyline going into today's special election in massachusetts. some recent polls show the republican scott brown pulling ahead of democrat martha coakley, once considered a shoe-in. one had brown with a four-point lead. if he wins, senate democrats would lose their supermajority, putting health care reform in serious jeopardy. nancy cordes is in boston tonight. nancy, this race has caught the democrats off guard, and now they are really scrambling. >> reporter: that's right, katie.
of thousands. the first words from haiti's ambassador to the united states were prophetic. >> i'm quite sure we will need everything. >> reporter: the pictures have become familiar. the presidential palace had all but collapsed. so had block after block, neighborhood after neighborhood, gone. a police station destroyed. the university flattened. >> we need more people down here. >> reporter: united nations headquarters, gone. the few helpers that remained had to help themselves. everywhere there were frantic efforts to pull people from the debris. tons of debris. the few happy endings offset by horrific scenes on corner after corner. port-au-prince was on its own. as the sun rose on wednesday, the earthquake's impact could be seen not just in the city but in surrounding neighborhoods. in the best of times, haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. four out of five people here live in poverty. with hospitals collapsed and no doctors or ambulances in the streets, people realized it was up to them. right now we're outside a hospital. it is an almost indescribable scene of anguish wit
. it doesn't go far enough. the congress in the united states has become a disgrace. it doesn't deal with the problems in the country. watching the state of the union and watching the camera pan across the room and looking, the average age of members of the u.s. senate is now 62. 56 or 57 for the house. that place is no more representative of this country. it is a bubble. it is worse than gridlock. it is self-interest. it is geographical interest. not about the common good. obama has been rolled by them. he thought he could charm them. he tried again. this time using a little bit of shame. but the great interest in this country ought to be the congress of the united states, republicans and democrats, and finding a mechanism to structurally reform it, and throw most of them or all of them out of there and start over. >> the president going on the campaign trail, is it a good move or style over substance? >> i think a lot of it is style over substance. i think obama says he failed to communicate. i think he's failed to convey any sense of conviction. i think he has failed to convey ide
of -- my question. why is it that the united states does not want to talk about israel? or the people or our politicians do not want to talk about israel in the forefront? and my comments are this. when the country was very young, you mention also about the oil. and other callers have mentioned oil. the -- our country almost was built on oil and gold. and appalachians and other areas. what happened? and why can it not be resurrected now? >> guest: well, the easiest root to buy it from the arabs and other things at home. i think we need to be more careful on israel. israel in my mind at least has every right to do what it needs to do to defend itself and preserve itself. nately, including that. however, we have no interest in the israelis and palestinians. that is a religious war in which we have no stake. why do we not talk about that? there are many crops that are extraordinarily influential in funding. i lost a job last year simply because i said that i suspect mr. obama would maintain traditional u.s. policy toward i suspected mr. obama would maintain traditional u.s. policy toward
against the united states. barbara starr is with us, is he really behind this attack or is he just claiming responsibility? >> reporter: that is the question, john, that nobody knows the answer to. bin laden indirectly on this tape claiming responsibility for the christmas day attack, promising more attacks against the united states because of u.s. support for israel on the palestinian issue. u.s. counterterrorism official says, a message like this, no matter whose voice it should be, should come as no surprise. al qaeda has from time to time tried to build support for its program of murder talking about the palestinian issue. al qaeda in yemen by all accounts was behind the training and equipping of farouk abdulmutallab in that attack. these are affiliates inspired by bin laden, not necessarily awaiting direct orders from him, that of course has been going on for some time. the bottom line on that christmas day attack is it now demonstrates that one of these al qaeda affiliate does have the ability to reach out and touch american citizens. that's what the u.s. administration is fo
against president obama at the moment he took office. how the united states responded. >>> also, everyone knows what play-doh is. so why did airport screeners confiscate the gift from a little boy? >>> hello and welcome to hln "news & views." we are talking this morning as we start with this 14-year-old girl who is on her way to school. she was killed when she was struck by an amtrak train traveling in to school. all amtrak service is at a stand still to give investigators access to that scene. the girl was struck in middle river, maryland. that is ten miles northeast of baltimore. an amtrak spokesperson says the company hopes service will get back to normal by rush hour this afternoon. amtrak says the northeastern corridor is the most travelled region in the country. >>> the nationwide cold snap is so extreme, we can officially say that it's turned deadly, unfortunately. it's caused at least four lives, all of them reported in tennessee. they include anna alzheimers pal and a man who didn't turn on the heat in his home. >> somebody came by to bring food. when they came back, the food the
-terrorism officials that americans have been travelling from the united states to the training camp in somalia. they have gotten that training. and with the american passport to have the ability to come back to this country and, perhaps, ponce attacks here if they chose to. trace: talk about america's role in this. >> one of the interesting elements is that we have seen over the last 18 months to two years that americans have gone to the training camp in east africa. one of their figureheads, if you will, is an african-american citizen coming from daphne, alabama. he is the western face of the organization. you see his high school yearbook picture he is very involved and the propaganda. he is put together videos to try and urge people to join. clearly he is in touch with a very specific generation, people under 30 in his efforts to try and bring them into the role in somalia. trace: live for us in d.c. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a deadly day to report for troops. six nato service members including three americans were killed in separate attacks in the region. according to a u.s. military
to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are they say quick to calm the waters and the fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related? >> that would be my preference. it is difficult to suggest that the fort attack was not terror-related. i don't know major was given guidance orders or took inspiration from the cleric but to suggest it was a criminal act defies what i think most americans -- doesn't pass the sniff test, most americans understand that >> sean: two have spoken out, one democrat, one republican. lee hamilton, democrat he says what he thinks is pervasive throughout the country, complacency, inertia, business as usual attitude, he thinks it is harmful and he thinks the president has a major share of blame. do you agree the presid
>>> it is just painful. >> some unbelievable scenes playing out across the eastern united states. it's like somebody left the door open to the arctic. when forecasters are saying temperatures could come back to normal. >>> the people who once wanted to adropt a missing 3-year-old boy spoke with hln. what they say they did to help police find gabriel johnson. >>> a mystery in san francisco may have been solved hundreds of miles away where experts say scores of sea lions have turned up, and why. >>> record breaking cold across the country today. you're watching "hln news and views." i'm general jennifer westhoven, thanks for joining us. the icy roads caused many car accidents, even this massive pileup. 300 crashes were reported in one georgia county alone. driving is even more difficult further north thanks to all the snow. snow plows worked in hammond, indiana, to clear out the road but some people took to shovels to dig themselves out. >> i prefer sunnier skies, but you know, you got to do what you got to do when you live in the midwest and dealing with this weather. i'm -- usual
not only across the united states, but especially as a military community, bonding with family, with loved ones. >> reporter: brothers in arms, drawing ranks against grief. even as the larosas reach out to others. >> my heart goes to all the haitians and the families who have suffered further loss during the quake. and in the coming week, i hope you will keep my children and the people of hate neyour thought -- haiti in your thought and prayers. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz is proud to bring you "hope for haiti," a global, commercial-free telethon, hosted by george clooney, wyclef jean, and anderson cooper. hope for haiti features celebrity appearances. you can see it live here on wjz 13, beginning tonight at 8:00. >>> a presidential task force is recommending that 35 guantanamo bay detainees face trial here in the united states. five of those would be tried in federal court in new york. another six will face military commissions. this comes as president obama works to close guantanamo bay prison. right now, th
of the the united states government. >> reporter: get reaction from local lawmakers by visiting you can also read the entire text of president obama's speech as well as governor mcdonnell's response. and see the associated press ' fact check on the president. it is all on our politics page. >>> new this morning on 9 news now, dc police are investigating the murder of a teenager. it happened just before 11:00 last night in the 800 block of barnby street. the 17-year-old victim was shot in the neck. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. his name has not been released. >>> the body of a marine killed in afghanistan is expected to return home to the u.s. today. sergeant david smith of frederick was killed on saturday after a bomb went off while he was on patrol. the marine reservist was a 2002 graduate of frederick high school, and a student at east carolina university in greenville, north carolina. >>> toyota's problems are growing this morning. in the last 90 minutes we have learned it will extend the recall to europe and the gas pedal problem has avis and enterprise rental cars
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